What Is A Stupid Ewe?

It is funny, but, most people will not ask what a stupid ewe is or why I use that term. Some people even act offended at the name without asking what it means. To me, that is their problem and I refuse to buy into their angst if they do not care to follow up. So here is the rest of the story.

My dear friend and I took a 3 week trip to England, Scotland, and Wales a few years back. We rented a car and learned to drive English style. It is definitely scary on some of the roads we traveled, but, we learned quickly.

On our way from South Wales to North Wales along the coast, we had the grand opportunity to drive on very small roads along the countryside. These roads were about one and a half lanes wide with pastures and old barb wire fencing along the edge of the pasture.

As traffic moves along at great speeds for such little roads, we often encountered traffic coming in the opposite direction and had to squeeze over onto the edge of the road to pass.

There are several places where there was a single sheep outside the fence eating the grass on the outside. Luckily we never had to pass a car in the opposite direction when we saw one of these loners, but, it caused us quite a bit of fuss. So we called them Stupid Ewes, as ewe is the term for female sheep and we just knew the male sheep were not smart enough to cross the fence line. Sexist comment – yes; True though!

I loved the term so much and saying it reminds me of that WONDERFUL trip with my friend, that when I meet someone who does things oddly that could put them in harms way – well, they are now a “stupid ewe” so that is how I call it. Of course, they think I am saying YOU as opposed to EWE so I do say so quietly unless I can do a quick spell which REALLY confuses them.

So now you have the rest of the story about my fascination with Stupid Ewe. It brings good memories up each time I say it!

And yes, sometimes, I am a “stupid ewe” myself and I can laugh at myself for such antics!


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